What is the idea behind NeuBite?

NeuBite wants to make cooking simplier for all customers. We aim to spread the word about healthy eating by offering our plant based meal kits for sale to customers!

What does the meal-kit contain?

The food packages include everything (except salt, pepper and basic oil) so that our customers can start to cook straightway. 

Does NeuBite offer Dietary or Nutritional assistance?

Yes, we offer tips for keeping our community in the best health possible. Look out for our health & wellness supplemental materials in the near future.

Are there open positions at NeuBite? 

Yes. NeuBite is actively recruiting members of the community with skills in culinary arts, web&app development, and social media. Check Careers for more information about how you can be a part of NeuBite. 




Are there vegetarian options?

Yes, NeuBite is completey plant based!

Where is NeuBite based?

NeuBite LLC is registered in Chicago,Illionois. We also have a presence around the world due to our founder travels.

What does NeuBite sound like?

Great question! We believe in the power of great music check out our Spotify account for more information.