Now that we have passed through into the new year our minds and body are filled with the  excitement and joy anticipating all the positives that will come into our lives this 2017. I'm extremely excited about 2017 because it symbolizes the growth of me personally and my start up NeuBite. What started out as an idea has come along way! With the passion and storytelling i've been able to garner the attention of my peers within Chicago and around the world as to the possibilities of what can happen when you just try!

To keep the drive and success going this NeuYear it's important  to outline specific goals and milestones to reach this upcoming year. In the past my new years resolution would be filled with material possessions I would strive  to gain, only to be left unsatisfied after achieving the once seemingly impossible feat. I'm a little wiser and a lot more focused now so my goals for the year are more clear to me. 


 WeWork National Building. Chicago. 

 WeWork National Building. Chicago. 

Believing in the holistic approach to life i've broken my goals down to 3 elements: Mind, Body and Soul

The mind is a strong important piece of our system. An untrained mind can lead to wander and careless deceit of oneself. By dedicating my time to reading more i'll be able to gain new insights and perspectives into the world. 

NeuBite has partnered with BeezyBookClub to encourage more reading amongst young people. We're currently reading the alchemist and it's been great thus far.

Your body is a temple, your one and only temple so it's imperative to keep it working at it's maximum capacity! This year I will push my body farther and test my limits. By participating in Bicycle races and continuing my journey to a total vegetarian lifestyle i'm on the right track to keeping my temple protected.

NeuBite is working with certified Nutrionist and proffesional cross athletes to bring you the best routine to keep you fit. In the mean time take a minute to listen to this amazing podcast by David Goggin about pushing your body forward.

While the outside can convey a message of it's own. the inside battle is the strongest. I myself have been searching to enlighten my soul and fill it with care and compassion. In a loud world it's sometimes hard to find the space and time to hear yourself and ask yourself the personal questions needed to build you. This year i'll take more time and listen to not only my soul but the soul and compassion of others. Instead of being quick to express my thoughts i'll listen more to those of others. I may not always agree with people but it's important to hear people out! I often times find myself not having the space to express myself creatively so with the help of others I plan to create a space for that to take place.

Although I haven't decided on a name for the events NeuBite will begin hosting monthly events allowing people to  engage in discussion about holistic health and wellness. Watch our short clip  below from last months event.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article, i'll be sending these out bi-weekly to give you updates on NeuBite as I grow the company and myself.

Thanks for reading and happy Neu Year!

Azubuike Akunne
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