I've been trying something different out the past couple weeks...COLD SHOWERS! I can already start to see some of you tremble as you read through this message.

Hear me out for a second. Cold showers can help your body maintain good health both physically and mentally. 

Cold showers while sometimes "painful" are actually great for your physical and mental health! To begin with your body's immune system is always working to fight off would be bacteria from inflaming and causing discomfort and illness. Inflammation is often the main cause of many of your body ailments. Breaking the word down inflammation is simply "in-flame" meaning shortly that your body is on fire in certain areas and this can cause extended discomfort and slowness to heal . Now before you run for a fire extinguisher;) you can simply reduce inflammation by switching your shower from burning hot to a mix between hot and cold.

On the mental aspect, I was reading The Flinch a few weeks back and had revelation of sorts. Essentially the short book was about getting to your goals and how we our sometimes our own enemies out of our own fear.

The cold shower experiment was a perfect example. We've been condition to enjoy hot showers so much that the thought of a cold one seems barbaric and to some torture! Yes it's true cold showers are hard to adjust to but believe me, your body will not shut down if the temperature drops while you're showering. It's more of a mental thing, you're so used to something one way your mind becomes disturbed when it's done another way and fear begins to set in and you Flinch. The Flinch is the second thought we have which includes the opinions of others and stops us dead in our tracks. This Flinch to me stops our progress and hinders our growth.

We can move away from this Flinch with just a little cold water;)

Try it out! 
If you usually take showers at a 80%hot 20% cold trying gradually moving towards decreasing the heat and increasing the cold temperatures. You're body will definitely react with a jerk of discomfort but fight through the discomfort embracing the coldness for a brief moment. You'll be surprised how your body will start orienting itself to receive more coldness.

Try it out this simple technique and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!