The Natural High of Running

With many debates about the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana sweeping news agencies around the world, I wanted to make a blog about "getting high"...not of drugs but exercise ;)

You ever get done with a task and instantly feel satisfied and elated. Like after completing a tough interview or working out at the gym. Well that's your central nervous system sending dopamine to your neurotic receptors rewarding you for a job well done. Sadly most people believe they need substances to feel the pleasure of this chemical response but they can actually feel all the pleasures of reassurance by simply going outside for a run.

Yes Runner's high or cyclist high.
This is the feeling you get when going for a workout and you instantly start to feel the stress and tension of the world dissipate from your mental sphere.

I first heard the term in college after listening Runner's High by Stic Man(A Hip-Hop wellness warrior) the song instantly shook me from my seat and had me reaching for my running shoes. 4 years later I still try to incorporate running into my weekly routine to keep my blood pumping. Also running gives you the opportunity to explore new destinations in your neighborhood and city!

As we move into the spring/summer season There are many different community races for you to join on.


Here are some of the most popular races worldwide:

5K Walk or Run
Half Marathon

*IronMan while incorporating Cycling,Swimming and Running the IronMan is a 3-stage race to test the endurance of some of the world’s best athletes.

Now I'm by no means am I ready to compete in a ultra run or Ironman but I usually try and run/walk  atleast 10miles a week for exercise to keep my blood pumping my mind engaged.

Looking to get started? Here is a database of Runs held around the US.

If you don't already run/walk now, I encourage you to begin the process now. The elation you'll feel by just beginning will empower you to keep going!

Try listening to a podcast or audiobook while working out to stimulate brain function and multitask on that book you were supposed to finish last month!

See you outside!

*Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning any strenuous physical activity.