NEU-Health Tip: Relaxation

Repeat after me...OMMMMMM

Can you feel that? That's the ancient practice of OM. Said to have been the first language spoken, the vibration of the OM can change any situation and command automatic stillness and peace.  

In a hectic world filled with obligations and responsibilities life can become overbearing and leave us in a state of restlessness. This restlessness if prolonged can lead to a variety of health issues primarily high blood pressure. Around the world the statistics of high blood pressure have been rising! Attributed mostly to the world adoption of a western diet coupled with strenuous work environments this preventable diseases takes over 7million lives annually.

If you know someone with high blood pressure or you are suffering from this disease I suggest incorporating plant based options into your lifestyle as well as meditation techniques. 


Want to start meditating now?
Using the OM has immense benefits to ones personal being. It's puts you in a space of stillness to help you think through tough situations and also balanced you. 

It's simple just hum OMM for 10-20second intervals,taking the time to clear your mind. 

The practice of OM is said to be the first language on earth and is today widely used by followers of Buddha around the world!

Before you eat a meal try using the OM before you dive into your plate.  Ready to go to bed OM when the lights are out. The overall message I want to get across is to relax and make time for yourself by putting your mind into a conscious state of stillness. 

Need some relaxation music for your day try out this short Buddhist Monk mediation playlist filled with the right amount OM to calm you down. 

Thanks for reading and good luck on your never ending journey towards health,wellness and balance!