A reflection from Saturday

You know that nervous feeling you get when the person you’ve been thinking about noticing you, finally notices you? Or that feeling you have when it’s report card day and you have tucked at the bottom of your bag one that you promised mom and dad you’d do better on this time around. That’s how I felt this past weekend. Mind you, I rarely get nervous around people and the only report card I have is the one I give myself, adjusting for a few small setbacks I have all A’s by my eye.


This past weekend I had the opportunity to present NeuBite to the general community at The Healthy Food Hub on the southside of Chicago. Since 2015 I have visited the Healthy Food Hub and have watched them grow from a small collective of independent businessmen and farmers to a larger social organization leaving a profound impact on the community. The organization is always willing to help small entrepreneurs like myself realize our vision by providing us the space to market our products.


The morning started off as usual, I was up before 6am meditating then practicing my foreign language lessons. When that was up, it was time to shower get ready to ride. I had already loaded my business partner’s car with the display materials for the day because I knew I would ride my bicycle 20 miles along the Lake Shore Trail in the morning. I hit a new personal speed record, 20.1mph (That boy fast).


As I walked in slightly fatigued from my 20mile bike ride to the Healthy Food Hub a new rush of energy was behind me when I saw other vendors setting up for the rush of customers they expected throughout the day. My team joined me and we began the process of getting NeuBite set up.As the first customers walked in, you could see the excitement on their faces. This could be a common occurrence when people enter the market but this day I felt like all eyes were on me.


“NeuBite…ooh this looks cool, what is it?”


I explained to market visitors how I developed the company as a result of my travels and background in Nutrition. It seemed like they were more interested in hearing about my trips than my insight on nutrition, so I craftily worded the conversation to leave some health and wellness gems within it. It felt great being in the room with all of these people who were focused on the local economy and sustainable practices.


My weekend at The Healthy Food Hub was time well spent. All in all, we sold out of our meal kits and booked orders for next week to our new customers. No doubt I’m excited but, the lessons of my hardworking parents remind me to enjoy myself now but when the final period of this letter is typed, it’s back to work.

It’d be wrong to end the email like that, without letting you know to spread the word about NeuBite or how we’re working with a team of chefs to craft new exciting recipes for next weeks market!

Until Next Time :)