Azubuike Akunne

The human brain is a sponge-like organ that is constantly adapting to its environment. It offers many gifts to the world, all engrained in our daily processes. As part of my NeuYear plan I’ve tasked myself with reading more books. With January coming to an end,  I’ve made good on my habit and completed 3 books. A stand out book from my month of reading is A Whole New Mind-Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink. 

In the book, Pink describes the difference between right brain and left-brain thinkers in the current age of information. Left brain thinkers are  analytical, using rational and logic. Right brainers are the creatives, a mesh of colors and inventiveness.

Pink hypothesized that those left-brainers who achieved success in the face of industrialization will begin to phase out, making room for creativity and right-brain thinkers to take on the world. The mix between 'old-world' formality and the new age has brought creativity to once mundane industries. From laughing groups in India to curve depression to holding business meetings in children's museums, the power of creativity is taking over.

While reading the book, I kept correlating it with my startup, NeuBite. I asked myself “how can I bring right brain thinking to NeuBite?”. It didn’t take long to realize that the success of NeuBite is directly related to the right brain thinkers and creativity of our team. 

In a marketplace filled with restaurants and supermarkets, a meal delivery service offering meal kits is exciting yet not unique. On a few occasions, when talking to new people about NeuBite they shout back “oh like blue apron…”, a major meal-kit competitor. Although the two companies may be comparable in the meal kit industry, NeuBite offers customers a  global experience, community involvement and creative touch.  From our produce sourcing to our delivery riders we source our talent and resources locally.  Utilizing Chicago and Illinois markets we are doing our part stimulate the local economy and inspire creativity in the region.

A key takeaway from 'A Whole New Mind' is to craft a story. This is the age of information and in a world saturated with similar products and services it’s important for individuals and businesses to craft their story to distinguish themselves from others.  The NeuBite story is endless but you can get a brief insight into the company here

In the spirit of creativity, I am turning the spotlight to you the reader…What’s your story?

I’m still here building the company stay tuned for launch details.
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