Manifesting a Neu Perspective

Hello readers, I hope this newsletter finds you in the best of health and wellbeing! I want to thank you all for your continued support thus far, you've been instrumental in my growth and I hope to continue with you as NeuBite grows.

The past two weeks since my last email have been great! I've been doing extensive outreach with NeuBite and also continuing my journey towards a more holistic lifestyle incorporating the principles of Mind.Body.Soul. This month of March has been one of revelations and manifestations... 

The treasures of the world are given to the man or woman who closes their one mouth to listen with their two ears. Its funny sometimes when we are looking for the answer to questions we thought were once hidden, we discover that the answer has been in front of us the whole time. Simply by conversation the keys and maps to the universe unfold itself right in front of us. Over the last two weeks I have been having spiritual revelations coming to me in many unique forms. From conversations with elderly passengers on trains to playing with the infant children of my friends a new glimmer of light has been hitting my eye.
Most profoundly in the sphere of health and wellness. I started NeuBite in order to spread the message of eating better foods to prolong life by removing preventable diseases.
The foods we consume directly affect the life we live so it's imperative to Eat Good further allowing us to Be Good
There are many different eating habits/diets to maintain proper health from vegetarianism to paleo diets the list extends and grows larger everyday!

I myself have maintained a vegetarian lifestyle for the past year and half eating only fruits and vegetables with the occasional dairy here and there. It's been a journey to take on this lifestyle and I sometimes find myself answering questions from people as to why I would go about such a lifestyle.
"But where do you get your protein from?" That's a common response when I tell people I don't eat meat. I politely let them know that proteins are found in almost all foods and I receive my protein from vegetables and lentils most of time. Although animals products may have a large amount of protein, they also include the high amounts of fats, sugars and other sometimes toxic chemicals the farm industry injects animals with to bring their product to market faster. I'm not judging anyone but I enjoy the slow life where you enjoy your food and feel the energy it brings you instead of eating a tub of chicken and falling asleep. But I digress. 

I first tried the vegetarian lifestyle 6 years ago during my undergraduate career at The Ohio State University, and it didn't last because my focus and dedication were missing. It wasn't until I couldn't afford to buy meat 2 years ago that I truly understood I could survive without it. This was right around the time I stopped consuming alcohol and I began learning about Rastafari and the essence of "ital being vital" to health and wellness. (The teachings of Rastafari is large and not able to fit into one email newsletter so i'll save it for another time. )

Essentially not eating meat and focusing more on consuming raw natural foods caused me to undergo a paradigm shift. I've become closer to nature and more aware of my surroundings than before. I believe everyone can benefit physically,mentally and spiritually from incorporating vegetarian recipes into their cooking routines.

When I came up with the idea of NeuBite I thought about making the company open to everyone by offering meat. This came in conflict with my personal feelings and beliefs. I was trying to satisfy a market in which I'm not fully invested in, causing me to not be 100% authentic. So last week I decided to scrap meat from my menu all together and only offer vegetarian/vegan food items. Yes,this will close off a section of my potential customers but in order for me to be great I must first be authentic!
It's important for me to show the benefits of adapting a more plant based diets to remove the stigma and misconceptions

There are tremendous health benefits to being vegetarian.  Here are 3:

  • Reduce Incidence of Diabetes
  • Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Improve Mood

Want to learn more about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, click here.

Writing these bi-weekly updates give me the opportunity to digress and give you the reader a glimpse into my mind and life. I hope you find them stimulating and insightful!

Beginning next week i'll be sending out health newsletters to give you the reader insight into healthy living practices in addition to my bi-weekly founder story series.

I wish for you long life and prosperity and i'll see you again soon! If you enjoy reading these Founder Story updates feel free to forward them to your friends!

Stay up,

NeuBite street outreach This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be in the community talking with people about NeuBite and healthy living. Here I am pictured with a happy customer after purchasing a Vegan Pizza meal-kit. The smile tells it all!

NeuBite street outreach

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be in the community talking with people about NeuBite and healthy living. Here I am pictured with a happy customer after purchasing a Vegan Pizza meal-kit. The smile tells it all!