Founders Story

Azubuike Akunne

Whether you're a usual reader or find yourself receiving a NeuBite update for the first time, I want to let you know i'm thankful for your continued support and hope to build with you in the future.

This past week was a strive for balance in which I barely got the chance to close my eyes for rest. Although I had tasks to ceiling I didn't fumble because I began looking at time differently. You see I believe that their are two types of people in this world, people with time and people with money and in my opinion it's better for you to choose one and excel at it then choose the both and only give 50%.

Money is a large part of our society in which the more money you have the more opportunities are available to you. I hear people say these things all the time. "Well if I had more money I would eat better foods" while this claim is valid, it's not always true. Just because you receive more money doesn't always mean you'll eat healthier foods, quite the opposite might be true!

For time I hear people make claims that they don't have the available time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves. Or they can't possibly wake up for a 5am workout because they need more time to sleep.

Over the past couple of weeks, i've begun looking at my life differently and managing how I spend my time. In the past I tried to "outwork" the next person by staying up late hours finishing important tasks. While this may make for a great "hard-work" story, it left me fatigued and unable to complete the next days assignments on time. It's a revolving cycle of overwork under performance which could lead to errors in other parts of life.

For example this past week I barley got any sleep because I was working on NeuBite e-commerce page which will allow customers to purchase NeuBite items online and have them shipped to their homes directly. As a result of this "no-sleep" mentality I became lethargic and unaware of my full surroundings. This led to careless actions ultimately culminating in my bicycle being stolen after leaving it overnight in a unsafe location! Now for the readers who don't know, my bicycles is my preferred method of transportation around the city. 

Without my bicycle I had to depend on public transport and ride sharing services. While spending "unnecessary" money on UBER the past couple days I began to ask myself "how did I get here, and what can I do in the future so this won't happen again?"

I've since bought a new bicycle for myself but I learned an important lesson about time management and how an unrested mind can cause not only stress but financial loss and poor health choices. 

The lessons of last week have given me the strength for this upcoming week to better manage my time so that i'm efficiently getting tasks completed while taking time to rest and recharge myself through interaction with family,friends or quiet time.

It's an exciting week ahead , i've gained a new business partner and community support for NeuBite continues to increase. While my tasks and responsibilities increase, i'm growing daily and realizing how to balance out my time to be more effective and get the rest I need to compete the next day! 

Sometimes life can seem daunting with all the tasks we place in front of us, but for this week and the ones to come I challenge you the reader to begin to find the balance with your time and truly overstand yourself realizing if you are a person of time or money. 

Thank You,