NeuHealth Tip: Cold Shower

NeuHealth Tip: Cold Shower

I've been trying something different out the past couple weeks...COLD SHOWERS! I can already start to see some of you tremble as you read through this message.

Hear me out for a second. Cold showers can help your body maintain good health both physically and mentally. 

Cold showers while sometimes "painful" are actually great for your physical and mental health! To begin with your body's immune system is always working to fight off would be bacteria from inflaming and causing discomfort and illness. Inflammation is often the main cause of many of your body ailments. Breaking the word down inflammation is simply "in-flame" meaning shortly that your body is on fire in certain areas and this can cause extended discomfort and slowness to heal . Now before you run for a fire extinguisher;) you can simply reduce inflammation by switching your shower from burning hot to a mix between hot and cold.

On the mental aspect, I was reading The Flinch a few weeks back and had revelation of sorts. Essentially the short book was about getting to your goals and how we our sometimes our own enemies out of our own fear.

The cold shower experiment was a perfect example. We've been condition to enjoy hot showers so much that the thought of a cold one seems barbaric and to some torture! Yes it's true cold showers are hard to adjust to but believe me, your body will not shut down if the temperature drops while you're showering. It's more of a mental thing, you're so used to something one way your mind becomes disturbed when it's done another way and fear begins to set in and you Flinch. The Flinch is the second thought we have which includes the opinions of others and stops us dead in our tracks. This Flinch to me stops our progress and hinders our growth.

We can move away from this Flinch with just a little cold water;)

Try it out! 
If you usually take showers at a 80%hot 20% cold trying gradually moving towards decreasing the heat and increasing the cold temperatures. You're body will definitely react with a jerk of discomfort but fight through the discomfort embracing the coldness for a brief moment. You'll be surprised how your body will start orienting itself to receive more coldness.

Try it out this simple technique and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!

NEU-Health Tip: Relaxation 

NEU-Health Tip: Relaxation

Repeat after me...OMMMMMM

Can you feel that? That's the ancient practice of OM. Said to have been the first language spoken, the vibration of the OM can change any situation and command automatic stillness and peace.  

In a hectic world filled with obligations and responsibilities life can become overbearing and leave us in a state of restlessness. This restlessness if prolonged can lead to a variety of health issues primarily high blood pressure. Around the world the statistics of high blood pressure have been rising! Attributed mostly to the world adoption of a western diet coupled with strenuous work environments this preventable diseases takes over 7million lives annually.

If you know someone with high blood pressure or you are suffering from this disease I suggest incorporating plant based options into your lifestyle as well as meditation techniques. 


Want to start meditating now?
Using the OM has immense benefits to ones personal being. It's puts you in a space of stillness to help you think through tough situations and also balanced you. 

It's simple just hum OMM for 10-20second intervals,taking the time to clear your mind. 

The practice of OM is said to be the first language on earth and is today widely used by followers of Buddha around the world!

Before you eat a meal try using the OM before you dive into your plate.  Ready to go to bed OM when the lights are out. The overall message I want to get across is to relax and make time for yourself by putting your mind into a conscious state of stillness. 

Need some relaxation music for your day try out this short Buddhist Monk mediation playlist filled with the right amount OM to calm you down. 

Thanks for reading and good luck on your never ending journey towards health,wellness and balance! 



The Natural High of Running

With many debates about the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana sweeping news agencies around the world, I wanted to make a blog about "getting high"...not of drugs but exercise ;)

You ever get done with a task and instantly feel satisfied and elated. Like after completing a tough interview or working out at the gym. Well that's your central nervous system sending dopamine to your neurotic receptors rewarding you for a job well done. Sadly most people believe they need substances to feel the pleasure of this chemical response but they can actually feel all the pleasures of reassurance by simply going outside for a run.

Yes Runner's high or cyclist high.
This is the feeling you get when going for a workout and you instantly start to feel the stress and tension of the world dissipate from your mental sphere.

I first heard the term in college after listening Runner's High by Stic Man(A Hip-Hop wellness warrior) the song instantly shook me from my seat and had me reaching for my running shoes. 4 years later I still try to incorporate running into my weekly routine to keep my blood pumping. Also running gives you the opportunity to explore new destinations in your neighborhood and city!

As we move into the spring/summer season There are many different community races for you to join on.


Here are some of the most popular races worldwide:

5K Walk or Run
Half Marathon

*IronMan while incorporating Cycling,Swimming and Running the IronMan is a 3-stage race to test the endurance of some of the world’s best athletes.

Now I'm by no means am I ready to compete in a ultra run or Ironman but I usually try and run/walk  atleast 10miles a week for exercise to keep my blood pumping my mind engaged.

Looking to get started? Here is a database of Runs held around the US.

If you don't already run/walk now, I encourage you to begin the process now. The elation you'll feel by just beginning will empower you to keep going!

Try listening to a podcast or audiobook while working out to stimulate brain function and multitask on that book you were supposed to finish last month!

See you outside!

*Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning any strenuous physical activity.

Manifesting a Neu Perspective

Manifesting a Neu Perspective

Hello readers, I hope this newsletter finds you in the best of health and wellbeing! I want to thank you all for your continued support thus far, you've been instrumental in my growth and I hope to continue with you as NeuBite grows.

The past two weeks since my last email have been great! I've been doing extensive outreach with NeuBite and also continuing my journey towards a more holistic lifestyle incorporating the principles of Mind.Body.Soul. This month of March has been one of revelations and manifestations... 

The treasures of the world are given to the man or woman who closes their one mouth to listen with their two ears. Its funny sometimes when we are looking for the answer to questions we thought were once hidden, we discover that the answer has been in front of us the whole time. Simply by conversation the keys and maps to the universe unfold itself right in front of us. Over the last two weeks I have been having spiritual revelations coming to me in many unique forms. From conversations with elderly passengers on trains to playing with the infant children of my friends a new glimmer of light has been hitting my eye.
Most profoundly in the sphere of health and wellness. I started NeuBite in order to spread the message of eating better foods to prolong life by removing preventable diseases.
The foods we consume directly affect the life we live so it's imperative to Eat Good further allowing us to Be Good
There are many different eating habits/diets to maintain proper health from vegetarianism to paleo diets the list extends and grows larger everyday!

I myself have maintained a vegetarian lifestyle for the past year and half eating only fruits and vegetables with the occasional dairy here and there. It's been a journey to take on this lifestyle and I sometimes find myself answering questions from people as to why I would go about such a lifestyle.
"But where do you get your protein from?" That's a common response when I tell people I don't eat meat. I politely let them know that proteins are found in almost all foods and I receive my protein from vegetables and lentils most of time. Although animals products may have a large amount of protein, they also include the high amounts of fats, sugars and other sometimes toxic chemicals the farm industry injects animals with to bring their product to market faster. I'm not judging anyone but I enjoy the slow life where you enjoy your food and feel the energy it brings you instead of eating a tub of chicken and falling asleep. But I digress. 

I first tried the vegetarian lifestyle 6 years ago during my undergraduate career at The Ohio State University, and it didn't last because my focus and dedication were missing. It wasn't until I couldn't afford to buy meat 2 years ago that I truly understood I could survive without it. This was right around the time I stopped consuming alcohol and I began learning about Rastafari and the essence of "ital being vital" to health and wellness. (The teachings of Rastafari is large and not able to fit into one email newsletter so i'll save it for another time. )

Essentially not eating meat and focusing more on consuming raw natural foods caused me to undergo a paradigm shift. I've become closer to nature and more aware of my surroundings than before. I believe everyone can benefit physically,mentally and spiritually from incorporating vegetarian recipes into their cooking routines.

When I came up with the idea of NeuBite I thought about making the company open to everyone by offering meat. This came in conflict with my personal feelings and beliefs. I was trying to satisfy a market in which I'm not fully invested in, causing me to not be 100% authentic. So last week I decided to scrap meat from my menu all together and only offer vegetarian/vegan food items. Yes,this will close off a section of my potential customers but in order for me to be great I must first be authentic!
It's important for me to show the benefits of adapting a more plant based diets to remove the stigma and misconceptions

There are tremendous health benefits to being vegetarian.  Here are 3:

  • Reduce Incidence of Diabetes
  • Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Improve Mood

Want to learn more about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, click here.

Writing these bi-weekly updates give me the opportunity to digress and give you the reader a glimpse into my mind and life. I hope you find them stimulating and insightful!

Beginning next week i'll be sending out health newsletters to give you the reader insight into healthy living practices in addition to my bi-weekly founder story series.

I wish for you long life and prosperity and i'll see you again soon! If you enjoy reading these Founder Story updates feel free to forward them to your friends!

Stay up,

NeuBite street outreach This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be in the community talking with people about NeuBite and healthy living. Here I am pictured with a happy customer after purchasing a Vegan Pizza meal-kit. The smile tells it all!

NeuBite street outreach

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be in the community talking with people about NeuBite and healthy living. Here I am pictured with a happy customer after purchasing a Vegan Pizza meal-kit. The smile tells it all!

Balanced Thoughts

Founders Story

Azubuike Akunne

Whether you're a usual reader or find yourself receiving a NeuBite update for the first time, I want to let you know i'm thankful for your continued support and hope to build with you in the future.

This past week was a strive for balance in which I barely got the chance to close my eyes for rest. Although I had tasks to ceiling I didn't fumble because I began looking at time differently. You see I believe that their are two types of people in this world, people with time and people with money and in my opinion it's better for you to choose one and excel at it then choose the both and only give 50%.

Money is a large part of our society in which the more money you have the more opportunities are available to you. I hear people say these things all the time. "Well if I had more money I would eat better foods" while this claim is valid, it's not always true. Just because you receive more money doesn't always mean you'll eat healthier foods, quite the opposite might be true!

For time I hear people make claims that they don't have the available time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves. Or they can't possibly wake up for a 5am workout because they need more time to sleep.

Over the past couple of weeks, i've begun looking at my life differently and managing how I spend my time. In the past I tried to "outwork" the next person by staying up late hours finishing important tasks. While this may make for a great "hard-work" story, it left me fatigued and unable to complete the next days assignments on time. It's a revolving cycle of overwork under performance which could lead to errors in other parts of life.

For example this past week I barley got any sleep because I was working on NeuBite e-commerce page which will allow customers to purchase NeuBite items online and have them shipped to their homes directly. As a result of this "no-sleep" mentality I became lethargic and unaware of my full surroundings. This led to careless actions ultimately culminating in my bicycle being stolen after leaving it overnight in a unsafe location! Now for the readers who don't know, my bicycles is my preferred method of transportation around the city. 

Without my bicycle I had to depend on public transport and ride sharing services. While spending "unnecessary" money on UBER the past couple days I began to ask myself "how did I get here, and what can I do in the future so this won't happen again?"

I've since bought a new bicycle for myself but I learned an important lesson about time management and how an unrested mind can cause not only stress but financial loss and poor health choices. 

The lessons of last week have given me the strength for this upcoming week to better manage my time so that i'm efficiently getting tasks completed while taking time to rest and recharge myself through interaction with family,friends or quiet time.

It's an exciting week ahead , i've gained a new business partner and community support for NeuBite continues to increase. While my tasks and responsibilities increase, i'm growing daily and realizing how to balance out my time to be more effective and get the rest I need to compete the next day! 

Sometimes life can seem daunting with all the tasks we place in front of us, but for this week and the ones to come I challenge you the reader to begin to find the balance with your time and truly overstand yourself realizing if you are a person of time or money. 

Thank You,